Performance Improvement | Organizational Development

The difference between a company desiring to improve and actually improving is simply a matter of will. The willingness to admit there are changes that must be made in the processes, people, and products that are core to the value proposition. The willingness to bring in “fresh eyes” and new techniques to look at old problems. The willingness to ask difficult questions, to shine the light on uncomfortable realities, and explore fresh solutions. The willingness to change.

Seasoned Guides. Unleashed Potential.

Performance Improvement is a team sport requiring passionate commitment from executives and frontline owners at every level. It is not a “program” that can be delegated to consultants, but a new way of thinking within the company. TurnPoint Advisors provides experienced professionals as catalysts, working alongside company teams, to develop and drive positive and sustainable change. Our ten-lever framework takes a company with the will to change and moves them to capture their potential.

  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Metrics
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Systems & Process Mapping
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Cash & Working Capital Analysis
  • Define & Refine Optimization Metrics
  • Blue Ocean Analysis
  • Target Definition & Execution Planning
  • Smarter-Faster-Better Continuous Improvement & Reengineering

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