Oil and Gas Energy Services

Crescent Fuels and subsidiaries

Served in CEO role following Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing leading turnaround efforts to include significant staff reduction & business model enhancements which improved monthly operating performance over $300,000 per month.

Falcon Petroleum Resources

Served as VP & Director of Operations and Administration for Falcon Petroleum Resources, an independently owned, non-operator, oil and gas exploration company undertaking an operational and financial reorganization.

Markland Corporation

Served as CFO of Markland Corporation, an independent producer of oil and gas properties. Provided leadership and oversight of strategic planning, financial and tax reporting, real estate, pipeline and other investments. Developed and implemented a strategy to generate significant tax losses and carry backs to free up $2.2M in refunds from prior years by arbitrage of rate differentials.

SideKick Xploration

Served as founder and CEO of SideKick, a company formed to take advantage of new technologies using neural networks to identify potentially productive reservoirs and Radial Jet Enhancement, a patented technology that drills multiple lateral bores from an existing well bore to economically enhance production from oil and gas wells.

Edwin L. Cox

Served as Controller of ELC, formerly one of the largest independent oil & gas producers in the US operating over 6,000 US oil & gas properties, 23 trusts and over 200 partnerships with revenue distributions of over $75,000,000 per month.

Bellville Pipe & Tube

Served as Division Controller for Bellville Pipe & Tube, a $65M subsidiary of Quanex engaged in manufacturing of oilfield tubulars. Assisted the parent company with the sale of the Bellville operation.

Co2 Resources Corporation

Served as President & CEO of CO2 Resources Corporation engaged in ownership and operation of carbon dioxide leases in the Bravo Dome Carbon Dioxide Gas Unit in New Mexico, the largest unitized field in the continental US with over 1,000,000 acres.

The Randall Corporation

Served as Controller of Randall Corporation, a privately held $55M engineering and construction company engaged in the design and installation of gas processing plants for major domestic and international oil companies.

Pacific Gas & Electric

Served as operational advisor to PacificGas&Electric, a $12B public utility. Delivered new material distribution strategies and implementation leading to over $50M in annual savings.

$300M Refinery Equipment Mfg. Company

Served as operational advisor to $300M oil and gas industry equipment manufacturer. Performed end-to-end supply chain diagnostic and benchmark analyses assisting the CEO in selecting optimal process improvement strategies. Implemented best-in-class forecasting and inventory policies, material planning processes, and MRP changes resulting in a 25% reduction in delivery time and a 75% reduction in inventory.

$2B Oil and Gas Industry Equipment Mfg.

Served as operational advisor to a $2B oil and gas industry equipment manufacturer. Developed and implemented lean processes throughout the value chain from order management and engineering to manufacturing and distribution. Led the executive team through the demand/supply balancing process, delivering over $5 million in annual inventory savings, a 200% reduction in order fulfillment lead times, and a 30% improvement in schedule performance.

Crescent Fuels and subsidiaries

Appointed President and CEO of Crescent Fuels following Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Negotiated DIP financing for debtor and streamlined operations by reducing monthly operating costs by $500,000. Ran a successful sales and auction process.

Appalachian Oil, Inc.

Served as CEO of Appalachian Oil, a $400M downstream petroleum distribution company. Prepared post petition financial modeling, negotiated post petition debtor-in-possession financing and made operational changes to streamline business model. Assisted CRO in the auction process by identifying and negotiating the successful purchase of the company.

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